Satellite Installation

Satellite Harrogate

Aerial Satellite Link offers a complete range satellite TV installation for domestic and businesses. We have been building and designing satellite systems and providing various satellite TV packages for many years. With our satellite dish installation in Harrogate we can provide UK and none UK channels from either Sky or European satellite TV installation


From a single satellite dish you can have multiple LNB’s at different angles to pick up more than one satellite signal. To enable this we use a DiSEqC switching device, which gives you the control over which LNB to use at any given time switching between various satellites signals

Motorised satellite dish

Aerial Satellite Link provides fully motorised satellite systems which enables you to pick up the required satellites on a much broader spectrum as opposed to a fixed satellite system or multi-LNB dish.

European satellite system

Aerial Satellite link install European satellite dishes, which provide you with a huge variety of channels. These satellites are the ideal alternative to Sky installation and give you channels not offered by other satellite packages. Our European satellite dish installations are for domestic and businesses with a range of different packages and systems to suit your needs whether its music, movies or sports.

Our satellite services include:

Sky TV Installation

Sky Germany

Sky Italia


Canal Digital



None standard Sky TV installs

Special heights team

Discreet cable management